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What We Do:


We find the true value of your home — public websites only give you an average price by mixing standard sales with foreclosures, short sales, REO’s, distressed properties, and fixer-uppers. This is why you receive different home values from various public websites, and not just one consistent home value. With Victor and Carolina, you will always get real numbers!

After viewing many public websites, these sellers were convinced the most they could get for their home was $410,000. We showed them that the true value of their home was $445,000. In just one day they received a cash offer at asking price, and could not believe it!


We give recommendations and necessary advice for getting your property ready to sell. Try not to stress out — remember you are always in control throughout the entire process — from setting your price, showing the home, accepting an offer, excluding personal items, negotiations, and time frames. Once escrow is opened, you will be provided with exact numbers and a breakdown of all the fees to be reviewed, authorized, approved, and signed by you, so there are never any hidden fees.


With Victor and Carolina you have nothing to lose. We will never pressure you to sign anything, and we will never be pushy like many other agents. We are always grateful to have the opportunity to speak with you. Our objective is to explain everything in detail, show you how the process works, give you numbers in writing, and help you sell your home like we have helped many other wonderful families.