About Us

We are a husband and wife team, with over 20 years of combined experience, ready to help and serve you.

Caring for Clients’ Needs is Number One with Victor and Carolina

Our motivation to help clients, versus charging high commissions, makes our real estate business thrive. Every client’s transaction, whether large or small, receives the utmost, professional care with a 1.5% commission on the seller’s side — the industry standard is 3%. By virtue of having a lower commission rate, we are able to help more clients walk away with money in their pocket after the sale of their property. It is common for us to find clients in economic distress, needing to sell as soon as possible. Oftentimes, a homeowner in this position cannot sell if there is not enough equity in the home to pay standard commissions. Full service is not compromised due to a lower commission. Victor and Carolina offer full services, including: professional photos, video & marketing, listed on all major websites, no hidden fees or obligations, and are fully committed to each client’s needs. Victor explains, “we always say we are in business because of our clients. We eat because of our clients, and we are grateful to them. So, we never take advantage of them and we never take them for granted. Our obligation is to look out for their best interests, so that’s what we do on a daily basis.”

Thank you to all of our clients who have given us the opportunity to help them sell and/or buy their home.
We have been able to help families during their times of need. In life there are highs & lows — when families are going through tough times and need help, many agents have said no, but we say yes. We are motivated to help clients, without charging high commissions.

We have helped many families who were dealt a bad hand. People who, within a short time after buying their home, became very ill or lost their job. Retired clients, with no income, except for their home’s equity. Parents who need a larger home for their growing family, and want to save as much as possible for purchasing their new home. Divorcees who need extra money to start a new phase in their life.
And quite simply, clients who want to save as much as they can.

Hiring Victor & Carolina Includes:

1.) #1 Husband & Wife realtors, with a complete team, for less than the price of just one agent.

2.) RE/MAX is the most recognized real estate brand in the world.

3.) #1 Office in California & Hawaii: RE/MAX Champions.

4.) #1 Broker in California & Hawaii: Jennifer Puglisi.

5.) RE/MAX sells more real estate than anyone else in the world.

6.) RE/MAX has the largest AD presence (TV, print, online).

7.) RE/MAX ranked #1 in J.D. Power & Associates study.

8.) RE/MAX sold over 1 million U.S. residential properties in 2017.

  • # 1 in Lead Generation
  • # 1 in Website Traffic
  • # 1 in Brand Name Awareness
  • # 1 in Average Sales Per Agent
  • # 1 in Sales in the U.S. & World
  • # 1 in Buyers & Sellers’ Mind
  • # 1 in Agent Training, Education & Certifications

Thanks to our clients, Victor and Carolina were inducted into the Re/Max hall of fame. We have also been featured on the cover of the prestigious real estate “Executive Agent Magazine.”